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A Father's Day Message

A Father's Day Tribute to Bro. Alex: A Beacon of Service and Dedication

On this special occasion of Father's Day, we gather to honor and celebrate a remarkable man whose devotion and selflessness have left an indelible mark on the Hamilton Church of God and the community. Bro. Alex, your unwavering commitment to serving others and spreading the message of God's love has inspired countless lives and transformed our community in profound ways.


For over two decades, you have been the driving force behind the Sunday school bus ministry, ensuring that children from all walks of life have the opportunity to attend church and learn about the teachings of Christ. Your dedication to the church bus ministry has facilitated the gathering of believers and strengthened the sense of community within our congregation.


It is through your tireless efforts of giving out tracks on the city bus that many people have come to know the Lord and found their way to our church. Your small acts of kindness have had a monumental impact, leading numerous souls to the path of salvation. Your compassion and genuine care for others shine brightly through these simple yet profound gestures.

Bro. Alex, your ministry extended far beyond the walls of our church. Preaching at Gore Park alongside former Pastor Clarke, you brought the message of hope and redemption to those who needed it most. Your visits to the jail and nursing homes, spanning over two decades, have brought solace and comfort to the marginalized and forgotten. Through your dedication, you have been a beacon of light for those in despair, offering them a glimmer of hope and a reminder of God's love.


As a father, you have not only led by example but also instilled a deep sense of faith and love for the Lord in your children. They speak with pride, knowing that your crown in heaven will be adorned with the most precious jewels, shining brightly for all eternity. Your role as a board member, your work with the Gideons, and your collaboration with Pastor Wittiker exemplify your steadfast commitment to the church and its mission.


Bro. Alex, your journey has been one of sacrifice and dedication. From being the last of twelve siblings to migrating to Canada in 1972 and subsequently bringing your family here in 1974, you have overcome challenges and displayed immense strength. Since your early days attending the Hamilton Church of God at the YMCA, you have remained a pillar of faith, guiding and inspiring generations of believers.


As a Sunday school teacher and a moderator of numerous services, you have shared your wisdom and knowledge, nurturing the spiritual growth of those around you. Your exceptional ability to raise funds for church activities is a testament to your boundless enthusiasm and determination to support the mission of the church.


Bro. Alex, today, as we honor fathers like you, we express our heartfelt gratitude for your extraordinary dedication, service, and love. Your selflessness has touched lives, brought hope to the hopeless, and strengthened our community in immeasurable ways. On this Father's Day, we celebrate you and the legacy of faith, kindness, and compassion you have created.


May God bless you abundantly, Bro. Alex, and may your light continue to shine as an inspiration to us all. Happy Father's Day!

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